What do we do here?

Lavish Design Lab by Julisa Nicole provides brand development and brand styling for creatives building businesses or planning events. Our clients are often new business owners or creatives who attend trade shows, and plan events like launch parties or weddings and appreciate timeless designs.

Focusing on more than design when it come to branding, we help with the foundation and fundamentals. We also take pride in setting our clients up for longevity by providing them with tools to craft mission and vision statements that will guide their decision making as it pertains to their business. We also encourage all of our clients who are new entrepreneurs to create a business plan before jumping out into the world thinking that all it takes is a logo and great graphics.

Who is Julisa Nicole?

Julisa Nicole is a twenty something year old creative with a passion for creating pretty things. She graduated in 2013 with her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Marketing and Management from the Art Institute of San Francisco, CA. In college was where she took her first brand development and catalog development classes and her interest started there. However, it wasn’t until 2015 when she realized that there were others in the world making a living doing what she loved to do. So, while working full time in retail management she started a business as a side hobby and 4 years later in July 2019 she left her 9-5 to focus on serving her clients and doing what she loved full time!


Ready to build a brand with more than great design?